Are You So Sure? by Gary Wassner


From, GemQuest, Book V, When Monsters Call Out The Names Of Men

You think the rain will always fall,
and that the sun will rise each day,
the water will rush to the shore
and the dead will rest where ere they lay?

With Autumnís end comes Winterís snow,
Yet you trust the trees will bloom again,
and that the leaves will once more grow,
that though we die, the soul remains?

And when the day fades into night,
and darkness steals away our sight,
have you no fear of evilís might?
No doubts, no inkling allís not right?
Youíre certain dawn will bring the light,
and natureís course will heal the blight?

That waters all flow to the sea,
and birth and death will always be?
That mothers bear the newborn babes
and precede their children to the grave?
That air is always here to breathe,
and fire burns when flint is struck?
That good things come when you believe,
and fate is more than random luck?

What would you do?
What would you say?
What actions would you take this day?
Is it the law?
Is it the way?
What price are you prepared to pay,
if you should hear the Dark One say,
ĎI am the wind of change today!í

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