Anger and Trust by Jason Damman

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When you're all alone,
There's no one to help you out.
It's welling up inside of you,
And all you want to do is shout.

You're angry for so many different reasons,
You think you're the only one.
You're not the only one,
Most teenagers are alone,
Thats life for some.

The world is a hard place and full of madness,
Sometimes you don't realise, or couldn't care less.
Some say they're your friend,
In the end they betray.
They lied to you, there's no more trust,
Nothings going your way.

To trust a liar is not right,
Don't say the wrong thing,
Liars turn and liars bite.

Trust isn't given, it's earnt,
Give it away to anyone,
It will be you to get burnt.

I hope you've understood all the words I've written,
Even a placid dog may turn, a child may be bitten.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2004