Back stabber's word by Mahendra Dhammika

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Back stabber's word

I remember the smile which you had
Unleashing every time to make me smile
Yeah...your smile made me smile
It just gave me something to think
When I was down, your words brought me up
The tenderness, calming attitude you've had
Just simplified my complicated life
I still remember your caressing touch
When you gave me when I was crying

Your words which gave mean to my life
Your care which fulfilled my empty soul
I still remember everything you gave to me

I too did everything
I loved you, I cared you
I gave everything to you to make you smile
But one day.............
You just left me without a single clue
After five weeks I knew it
I knew what happend
Your mind was infected with back stabber's word
Charlie!!! how can you do this to me?
Why did you left me without knowing a single shit?
Joe was lying.....I never went out with him
I only loved you baby....and still I am