What Happens To Me by Jason Damman

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Sitting here, staring out the window,
Waiting for the words to flow.
Looking at an old fallen willow,
Eventually it all comes to my head.

Dreaming about a relationship that could be,
I know it won't happen, not to me.
Things in relationships never go right,
Possibly next time there's a chance that it might.

I really need to keep trying,
My family, my love life is tiring.
What will ever end up happening to me?
This is a question only the future will see.

The end result of my life,
Still yet to come.
To stay and take it as it comes,
Not to run.

Some things may be difficult,
Some things may be harsh.
Not to take things too seriously,
It's good to have a laugh.

My whole life's ahead of me,
Be to serious, Life'll pass me by.
Then I will be left to wonder,
Alone in bed I'll lie.

Right now I need to live my life,
Have a joke while I still can.
For if I do not relax a bit,
I'll be a lonely, troubled man.

The teenage years is what shapes a person,
Makes them who they are.
I hope that I turn out okay,
I wish upon a star.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2004