Especially for you by Mahendra Dhammika

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You were an ordinary girl
Just like someone else
We smiled and talked and winked each other
Not knowing how will it end up
We were friends, good friends and best friends
But never thought we could be this much close

you're my angel
You're my love
You're my life

Remember those words that you uttered me?
Remember those words that I uttered you?
Remember that day I asked you out?
Remember that day you said that you love me?

Remember that first kiss I gave to you?
The day that your hart beat like never before?
The day that I hold you so tightly?
The day I tasted you sweet lips?
The day you kissed me so deeply?

Now we're together
Living as a one
Not letting each other go
Showing that we love each other

you're my angel
You're my love
You're my life

I can't let you go
As you're the one that I want
As you're the one that I love
I really can't let you go
Because I always love you
And I'll love you forever