Duality : The story of Dr.Jackyll and Mr.Hyde by Mahendra Dhammika

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I saw a dream yesterday
Which tells about hypocrisy and conspiracy
Which goes around two lives of a man
But when the dream plays, I found that it's about duality
A single person living two lives
Oh! Dr.Jackyll, why are you acting like Mr.Hyde?
Dear doctor....I'm so confused about you
Why are you acting like Mr.Hyde?
As a maid, I was with you
I was there when you were small
Looking after you like you're my baby
Now you've grown up
But still, I do care about you though I'm your maid
You never behaved like this before Dr.Jackyll
Please don't be like Mr.Hyde

And now, time has gone.......
Though duality continued all that time
Which caused conspiracies made in our town
People marched against one man
They were against Mr.Hyde
The only danger in the town
As he only caused trouble in our town

One day..............
He was deceived......
Which only caused him to loose his life
Peoplple were happy
As their aspiration fullfilled now
The town filled with joy
As there is no more trouble from Mr.Hyde

Yet...I'm the only one who knows the truth
That Dr.Jackyll was Mr.Hyde
That my master was suffering with duality

Absence of doctor is still a mystery
As he disappeared as soon as Hyde's death
But it's only me who knows the truth
That Dr.Jackyll was Mr.Hyde

Dr.Jackyll can't even rest in peace
As he was burried as Mr.Hyde
Who has a scar on his tombstone
Which says Mr.Hyde will never rest in peace