The Last Step by Jason Damman

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She climbed onto the roof, in the middle of the night,
Her body chilled by the winds harsh frosty bite.
A million things through her head at once,
Seventeen already with two sons.

She almost slipped on a broken tile,
She laughed, face spread with a sickly smile.
She stood on the roof staring at the city lights,
A tear she wept as she remembered the fights.

Was this worth the bother?
Her life hung in the balance.
The man she loved had left her,
She thought him to be gallant.
She stood on the edge the wind rushing through her,
Everything including her life turned to a blur.

Her arms wide open, she took her last step,
Her very final step had her plummeting to death.
In her last few moments, she quickly closed her eyes,
Remembering her lover and all of his evil lies.

She hit the ground, her troubles left behind,
She could've found love, the right man she needed to find.
If only she had given it, one more day,
Perhaps she would've realised, this wasn't the right way.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2004