Highway 505 by Jason Damman

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Last night there was an accident on Highway 505,
I didn't think much of it, if people survived.
It was two k's and ten streets from my place,
A hellish accident on a highway rat race.
It happened in the silence, the dead of the night,
Busting glass, crushing metal, woke me up with a fright.
I went to the window, sirens in the distance,
Walked back to bed was asleep in an instant.

I tossed and I turned, disturbed by bad dreams,
Dreams of that accident, of horrific scenes.
Woke early next morning, my stomach a tight knot,
Why did that accident mean such a lot?
A bad feeling came from that terrible dream,
I was haunted by one truly terrible scene.
My mind was tormented, confused, a real mess,
My mother called me in tears, in distress.
That bad scene played again in my head.

Jason It's your father...
He's dead.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2004