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2006 Short Story Contest Winners

The Winners of the SFFWorld 2006 Short Story Competition have been selected. The Winners are:

Alphabetic list of all accepted entries.

2005 Winners and entries

Online serials

Pewtory the Lesser Bard by Rob Donovan


New Stories

  • Blind Spot by Dan Bieger (01-13)
  • Lost by Selena D'cruz (12-23)
  • Walter's Stupid Vacation by William Hrdina (12-17)
  • Aftermath by David Scholes (12-14)
  • The Streamers by David Scholes (12-02)
  • Task Force to Earth XXX by David Scholes (12-02)
  • Veridicus - a Sci-Fi Epic- Prologue Only by Justin Byrd (11-12)
  • Fragment of a Letter to her Lover by Genevieve Higgs (07-20)
  • To Whom It May Concern by Nik Kelly (07-07)
  • Storms at Midsummer's Eve, jumbled chapter scenes by Lisa Kendel (06-22)
  • Kerhs, Weapons Trove Entrepreneur by R.M. Gonzales (05-12)
  • Shimomura, Virtual Arms Dealer by R.M. Gonzales (05-11)
  • Bibby Mook's Revenge by Amy Lisa Holmes (05-07)
  • Savior by Aaron Bradley (04-08)
  • The Planet by Keith Kitchen (03-24)

  • Last 100 Stories

    New Poems

  • Return Of The Dawn by Keith Kitchen (06-13)
  • Premonition by Keith Kitchen (10-28)
  • Follow Me by Anthony Krystofolski (09-29)
  • A Matter of Luck ? by Nik Kelly (09-17)
  • Venturer by Nik Kelly (09-17)
  • In the Garden, By the Twilight by George Robertson (06-06)
  • Personal Demon by George Robertson (06-06)
  • job by Terry Cummings (03-14)
  • gang by Terry Cummings (03-14)
  • Diablo by Terry Cummings (03-14)
  • Stumbling in the Dark by S. Frankenstein (12-17)
  • Perfect Kisses by Silk Dagger (11-27)
  • My Melancholy by Roy Neyman (10-15)
  • Retaking Freedom by Roy Neyman (10-15)
  • Refrains of My Heart by Roy Neyman (10-15)

  • Last 100 Poems