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Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Julie 
(Jul 18, 2001)

My friend told me to read these books. When I did, I fell in love with them. A feisty, young girl sets out on a quest to be knighted. She hides hers feminism, and befriends many. In each and every book I was literally not able to put the book down! I read the series in one week, finishing a book everyday and practically crying for my mom to take me to the library! When I got the last book, I was sad to think that my beloved series was coming to an end. I actually cried at the end b/c I was so upset at who Alanna ended up with, though don't get me wrong, I liked the guy, I jus wanted her other lover and b/c I did not want the series to end. I thoroughly excited to get started on the next series, the immortals! My friend tells me Alanna pops up in those also, so I cant wait! To any one who has not read ant of these books... u better! These series are just as good or better as Harry Potter and adult books!!! I think the best age for this book is teens, or adults, b/c some of the things talked about seem "un-suitable" for younger audiences. I congratulate Mrs. Pierce for such an excellent series, and I hope she continues to write. To all u ppl who don't like the books or who have not read them.. wut r u CRAZY? jus go and read them!

Submitted by Anonymous
(May 28, 2001)

The series is absolutely fantastic! I've reread the series over and over. Personally, my favorites are "In the Hand of the Goddess" and "Lioness Rampant." I think The Immortals has a better plot, but I like Alanna better than Daine. I also have a bone to pick with Tamora Pierce. She's almost completely copied Robin McKinley!(I mean for the Alanna series). The book she copied is "The Hero and the Crown."

Submitted by Anonymous
(May 03, 2001)

I was extremely impressed with this series, even more than The Immortals Quartet. The characters were intriguing, the plot line was fantastic for young adult books, and all in all, I couldn't put them down. I couldn't suppress the urge to reread them a few times. I definitely suggest that anyone read these books before any of Ms. Pierce's other series which are set in Tortall. They fill in all the gaps which may seem incomplete in her later series. If you like these, don't miss the Protector of Small series, which are also about a lady page/squire/knight. Sure, the Immortals quartet is good, but personally, I'm more into the lady knight concept. Read this series!!

Submitted by Rohinee
(Mar 27, 2001)

Want fun and adventure with a bit of romance? The Song of the Lioness Quartet is for you!! Tamora Pierce's ingenious mind has created Alanna of Trebond, a girl with red hair and violet eyes, so determined to become a knight, she disguises herself as a boy for eight years, from page to knight. The four books describe Alanna's life from the age of ten to around her 20s. It shows her overcome her fear of love, her fear of the Ordeal and her fear of Duke Roger. These books are VERY recommended. But I must say, after you finish the last book, you'd probably cry knowing you won't be able to hear of Alanna, George, Jon, Coram or Myles again.

Submitted by Katie
(Jun 07, 2000)

Tamora Pierce created four totally awesome and realistic books for teen readers.  The series follows the adventures of Alanna of Trebond, a girl that is so determined to be a knight that she disguises herself as a boy for eight years. She has many important accomplishments in these books.  These books bring me into her world: I am friends with her friends, in love with the people she is.  These are great books, I rate A+++++.

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