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Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Yasmin 
(Jan 27, 2002)

Tamora Pierce is by far the most imaginative and superb writer I have ever heard of (and this a huge compliment since I've read plenty of books!) Alanna is the most ingenious of her creations! She's stubborn and determined. I feel like she's real and is my rolemodel. I suck in the fighting arts, but I am sometimes tempramental and(as my friends say) extremely stubborn, so I can relate to her, even if I don't have my two best friends wanting my love. I only wish she could write another quartet about ONLY Alanna!

Submitted by Kaitlin 
(Jan 19, 2002)

I LOVED IT! From the first book to the last, I couldn't put it down. Alanna is awesome, especially how she becomes a legend in spite of her gender and fears. I also support red-headed, short, tomboys (being one myself). My favorite character was George. I have this thing for guys that don't exist, and I love his being the king of the rogue and all the cool tricks he pulls. Besides, who can resist a guy who can fling daggers like him? If you like Harry Potter or any other fantasy series, you will eat these books up! Oh, and at the end of the series, if you're still begging for more Alanna, read the Immortals Quartet. She shows up quite a bit in there too. see? Tamora Pierce wouldn't leave us fans deserted. :-) Awesome read!

Submitted by Sarah 
(Jan 07, 2002)

I love these books! They are very well written and you can't put them down till your finished. I have read these books more times than I can count and at night I sometimes lay in bed to find myself reciting parts of them in my sleep. Totally recomended. A+++ and If you could give a higher rating they would get it. I didn't really like the circle opens. They were too easy and didn't have as good a plot. Oh well. Hope she writes more.

Submitted by Amanda 
(Dec 03, 2001)

Tamora Pierces "In the Hand of the Goddess" is great! It is very well written and keeps you turning the pages. It is great if you like fantasy books or books about knights. This book is number two in a series called Song of the Lioness Quartet. You should read the whole quartet(in order) because it is really awesome.

Submitted by Fiona Lamb 
(Oct 25, 2001)

I Love these books I want to be Alanna she is the best 4 eva they seem so real I believe them Thanks for writing the books Tamora! They're the best

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