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Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Kelly Charlotte 
(Jan 19, 2003)

This Series really grabs the reader and will not let go. Tamora Pierce developes wonderful characters that will make you want to visit Tortall and become a knight. Each book has a breathstopping adventure, as well as new and intriguing characters. At the end of the fourth book I am sure that the reader will go through a few days of depression, but it is worth it. And you can always go back and read the books again because they will never become boring, whether it is the first time you are reading them or the fiftieth. Alanna will be every girl's hero as she teaches you about adventure, love, conquering your fears and doing the impossible. There is no way I can express my deep love and appreciation of the Song of the Lioness quartet in a brief review, but what I can say is "Horay Tamora!"

Submitted by Lori Wolf 
(Jan 19, 2003)

I absolutly love this series! Tamora is an excellent author. The way she depicted the hardships of a girl trying to make it in a man's world was excellent. I have yet to see an author that has her talent at stating what so many people over look.

Submitted by Alaura 
(Dec 18, 2002)

I think that this is one of her better books. She shows a young girl trying to prove herself worthy enough to be equal. I like Alannas stubborness and strength because if that was me I wouldn't even have tried from the start. Whenever I finish reading one of her books I picture myself as a character from one of her storys and I'm the hero. I hope that Tamora makes another hero for us to all follow.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 18, 2002)

This book is one of the best books ever. It shows a girl out in the worl looking for her true self. She finds complications in her life and has to try and figure them out. I think that Tamora Pierce actually got this from real life and made it in to a story.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I LOVE this series.... after reading the Immortals series and the Circle of Magic series I'd say that this series is by far the best one Pierce has written. I couldn't put this book down and was close to tears when I'd finished the series. Alanna is a really tough girl who doesnt take nething from neone who goes to Tortoil to become a knight. She acts like a male to her friends for eight years before becoming a knight after the Ordeal when afterwards travels around as a knight. This series is so fantastic if u don't read it ur missing out on a masterpiece.

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