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Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Lousie 
(May 11, 2005)

Tamora Pierce has written an excellant tale of a striving herione determined to be accepted. This book parallels much of todays life and introduces key themes of friendship, understanding, duty and responsibilty. Alanna of Trebond is a twin to Thom. Both twins posses the gift, a magical abiltiy. Thom wants to harness and excel with his gift and Alanna wants to be a knight. The twins decide to switch places, in an attempt to get what they both want. Alanna becomes, Alan of Trebond and goes to the palace and takes the place of a page. This quartet follows Alanna through the ins and outs of being a page, then a squire and eventually a knight. This book controls its emotions and morals and portrays strongly the power of determination. FIVE STARS

Submitted by Ruth 
(May 11, 2005)

I came to know about The Song of the Lioness Quartet from my mother. I'd never read any of Tamora Pierces books when my mother gave me it, and was reluctant to read it. But when I did, I was gripped. Song of the Lioness is absoulutley brilliant. It tells the story of a young ambitious teenager called Alanna who, unlike many others around her does not wish to become a 'lady' as her father insists. Instead of going to a convent where she is supposed to learn to sew etc., she switches places with her twin, Thom (who doesn't want to become a knight, but to become a sorceror instead) and disguises herself as a boy.

Since reading the book I have not been able to put it down. It is a book I will read again and again, and I have already. Somehow you cannot tire of Alanna, who is such a unique character which I love! SOTL is a book which will change your life and shows you that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. I cannot stop thinking about it. I am utterly spellbound.

Submitted by Kel 
(Apr 14, 2005)

When my mom and I planned a trip to Hawaii, I needed some reading material, so I went and bought the Alanna series to read on the plane. Once I got started reading, however, I did nothing else and ruined my spring vacation. But that was fine with me, because I had read the series that would change my life. Alanna, the herione, sets out on her journey disguising herself as a boy to become a knight. She faces many hardships, overcomes her fear of love with her 2 best friends, and conquers her arch enemy, the powerful mage, twice. I am also a shrimpy red-haired tomboy, whos trying to find her place in the world, which is why Alanna is such a herione to me. She shows all girls out there that if you believe in yourself and you try hard enough, you can reach your dreams. I cried for a week after reading these books, and since then have read them 10 times each. I abousletely reccomend them to any girl who reaches to their dreams.

Submitted by The Godess Reader 
(Jan 20, 2004)

The Song of the Lioness quartet is great, the suspense of one book continues to another. I love Alanna's character. She is a heroine to me. To me she tells me to always have courage. From what I think in the third and fourth book it was good of her to marry George, they belong together. The author has done a great job on every book you have written in this series, they are a readers dream, the greatest.

Submitted by Kelly 
(Nov 30, 2003)

I absolutely love this book!!! In my opinion, it is better then Harry Potter in some ways. I just went to the library, picked it up and started reading it.

I love the way she used a girl, because guys say girls and women can't do everything that they can. She shows how tough Alanna is and that we can survive anything.

I can't believe the ending of the third book. It was horrible!!!!!!!!! I have yet to read the 4th book but when I do, I know I won't be disappointed.

I honestly think Tamora Pierce should make a movie series out of this book series!!! It would be an instant hit, up there with Harry Potter.

I would so love it for Tamora to grow even more famous! It would be fantastic.

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