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Immortal Quartet, The by Tamora Pierce

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 04, 2009)

This series has always intriged me. I love the fact that the inocence of a girl and here animal friends is never tainted. Daine is like no other charecter in any other books I've ever read. The fun quirkes of Numair and Alanna to her outragously well spoken dragon and god friends, makes this series the story of a young woman's trials in the balance of gods wills, pleasing her human and animal friends, and finding out about herself.
Read about her many adventures in Veradaine's thrilling story that takes her all over Tortall and beond.

Just as and afterthought, I am so tired of waiting to get her other books, Im going to go buy them myself;there that good!

Submitted by Finola2 
(Mar 09, 2009)

These books are probably the best books I have ever read in my life.

Earlier this year I was looking in my school library for a series of books to read as I grow to admire the characters. I discovered in one section and eye catching collection of books and chose one at random, this was the first in the Immortals quartet, Wild Magic. These books were so gripping i read them in 3 weeks though still on the last one it has only taken me one day in my busy life style to read half way.

Often i read so far into a book i fall in with the characters and watch them as i were there. These are the best books to do so with. I feel they are a sort of girl version of a lord of the rings as it is set in a past land but has magic, mortals and mythical beasts.

I thouroghlly suggest reading these books as they are a thrill and an enjoyment to read. I am slightly sad as there are no more adventures of Veralidaine Sarrasri as i have become quite attached to this fictional character.

All i can say is 'Wow'.

Submitted by Chrislyn 
(Sep 25, 2005)

I absolutely LOVE Tamora Pierce's books. They totally rock! I also like the Lioness quartet, but we can only pick one of the choices. Currently I am reading Squire in Protector of the Small. I can't wait for more stories about Kel and Daine and Alanna and all the other characters. I just LOVE all these books!!

Submitted by Skye Song 
(Nov 28, 2004)

It was a great pleasure reading this quartet. While I was reading, I was overwhelmed with Daine's courage and loyalty. I was especially captivated when she met the hyenas in Emperor Mage. That takes a lot of valor to be in a cage with them! What made me so fascinated was how Daine would do almost anything to save her friends. She was always determined to help. She kept steady and always had a calm head. After I read your book, I try to be more like her, helping whenever I can. When I am in a tough spot, I just think of all those things that she had done. Then I realize that I can do this. I just want to thank you for creating such an inspiring character.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 28, 2004)

Hey People.
I have read Alanna's first adventure many times now and have developed a great love for the novel. As it is, the novel was a random book I chose out of a book store which was having a sale. Since the first time that I read it, I recognised it for what it was. An ABOSOLUTELY FABULOUS BOOK! I agree that it could be made into a movie series. Now comes the dilema. I cannot find the rest of the series. I plan to search though, because if they're anything like the first book, then it will be extrememly enjoyable. I also believe the book puts a realistic touch on magic and sorcery. Thank you Tamora for writing such an interesting and adventurous book.

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