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Rigante by David Gemmell

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Submitted by Saba 
(Jan 13, 2006)

I enjoyed reading this series more than Gemmel's other novels because it focuses more emphasis on emotion rather than straight-backed fighting. My favourite is Ravenheart, with its trial case that is more stirring than any combat field.

Something to keep in mind is the comparison of the story to real history - the Stone Army/ Rigante war is much like that of Roman/Celtic.
And Ravenheart also has the stirrings of civil war that were present in English history.
A very good read.

Submitted by True Rigante 
(Dec 11, 2005)

I love the Rigante series from Sword in the storm through to Stormrider. The book were nicely written and I enjoyed every book I read from the series, the best thing that made the books interesting was the way DG wrote it, which was in third person and made the feeling of being what the character is thinking and it got us more closer the characters of what there like. The plot of the story itself is great, DG describes the Rigante as brave people who cherishes life to the full and the care for there land. Great characters from this series was Grymauch in Ravenheart and Connavar which showed great qualities as portrayed as true Rigante for there bravery and character qualities which made the series worth reading.

Submitted by Adrian Dalzell 
(Nov 23, 2005)

The Rigante series expresses a lot of empathetic characteristics focusing on the nature of man. Gemmell draws a picture of the world around you and not in the pages of the book. Inevitably the characters are so appealing not just becaused they are flawed and herioc but because they posses the value of life. This is Gemmells greatest strength in fortifying the natural existence of man. The character of Riamfada shows how a cripple can live longer then anyman because his nature and view of life extends beyond flesh and bones. As of the Moidart or Jassary both very intellectual characters and used extravgently well in exemplifying the usage of power and its effects. I find the Rigante are a representation of the Scotish highlanders if you like and are an inspired people by living from their own means. Farmers, Blacksmiths and Hunters and emminate a very strong communal exsistence with no mass ideal for hatred. Where as Stone for example the total opposite, Jassary embodies this and his loyalty to the cause of power which is a self representation of Stone. Using by what ever means to become great rather than the realisation that exsistance alone is the true nature of life. The plots, the characters, the writing all show a great mind and talent for entertainment, his writing can teach and inspire your own mentality and enlightenment in a form of noticing your conduct and the world around you. Respect is sought after in many forms and Gemmell is due a respect worthy of his modesty. Thank you David for giving us hope not just in your writing but showing a path to respecting others and the nature around us. The Rigante series is an awesome expression of life. Buy it.

Submitted by Aliam 
(Jan 20, 2004)

Awesome series. I read all four books in like three weeks.

It's got everything - national war, small battles, heroic moments for the "bad" guys, heroes with faults, and most of all, it's got family issues. There's a stepfather, a bastard, a man who doesn't know if his son is actually his.

A lot of twists, and there's definitely a lot of plot. One of the best aspects of Gemmell's writing is that he uses different people to tell the story, even though it's in third person. So you know the "enemy's" war strategy or what he's thinking and the reasoning behind his actions.

Another thing I really liked was how it covered an entire timeline. Its like this world actually exists, not only in space, but also in time. Any one who likes fantasy and war will love this series.

Submitted by BOROTO 
(Apr 04, 2003)

I have just not long ago started reading Gemmels Rigante series. I was thoroughly gripped by the story which a man reaches virtual royalty in a space of time. Then reading as the very culture he created to greatness becomes near slaves after centuries of conquests from other cultures trying to use Connavar's name as thier own hero, dispelling the truth that he was Rigante. I have still to read the final book in the series and find the outcome between Ravenheart & Stormrider. I haven't been as gripped since the Drenai series.
I have one thing to say. LONG LIVE GEMMEL.

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