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The First Law by Joe Abercrombie

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Submitted by Fat Tony 
(Jan 04, 2009)

Well, where to begin...

When I picked up the first book in this series, I was expecting a run of the mill romp with the usual character types found all to often in modern fantasy; the callow youth, the wise mage, the noble barbarian etc. and indeed these characters seemed to be in there right from the start. As the books progressed, however, the characters developed in the most unexpected ways. I found myself rooting for the characters that most authors would have us loath and despising those that would, in most books, be the heroes.

In short, these books are about drama (as opposed to melodrama) - Characters change as the story progresses and the story is all the richer and believable for it! This series has it all. Love. Death. Insanity. Sadism. War. Laughs. Possession. Magic. Religion.

And what an ending.

Buy the whole series now. Read them. You'll love them.

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