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Submitted by Ziska Ames 
(Dec 21, 2005)

I started reading Tamora Pierce with the Song of the Lioness quartet and was completely hooked. Since then I have waited breathlessly for each book to come out. She is an amazing writer with such a bead on strong female characters. When I first read these books, they were out of print and I begged my local library to let me buy the ones in their collection. These are must reads for any fan of fantasy, adventure, and magic.

Submitted by Fiona 
(Oct 03, 2005)

At the start of the year i had purchased one of Tamora's latest books and since then i have read almost all of her work. These book are great to encourage teenage girls to acheive their goals no matter how much their goal may be dominated by males. Tamora's books have inspired me and my friends with the way that each woman has gotten what she has set out to do. Every womans story has been so different, this has given us hope for our own goals no matter how strange they may seem! We love reading these books and hope that she brings out more amazing books in the near future!

Submitted by Che 
(Aug 03, 2005)

All of the Tamora Pierce books are highly enjoyable and fun. They're very encouraging towards girls, each story showing that we females can achieve, even if it is fiction. The romance, adventure and fantasy in each book is great. I can't acually put into words how much I love her books. I can't wait for the next ones!

Submitted by Anneke 
(Mar 10, 2005)

The collection of works that Tamora Pierce has written are all very enjoyable. Her work also has improved over time, but is still just as enjoyable as her first books. I re-read the Allana series yearly. She is the model for fantasy young adult novels with female heroines. I just wish I could find more books like her's.

Submitted by Ari 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Protecter of the Small, Song of the Lioness, Immortals. Tamora Pierce is the best author in my opinion. She keeps you there, and her books are sooo entertaining that I have read near every single one at least 3 times! Her heroines in Tortall are my favorite, Diane I like the best. Out of the Circle, I like Daja. Tamora Pierce writes with style, class, adventure and everything else a teen series needs!

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