Midnight Falcon by David Gemmell

  (57 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Gemmell
TitleMidnight Falcon
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Sean Cannen 
(Aug 17, 2009)

Midnight Falcon, although not quite up to the same quality as Sword in The Storm, has a remarkable ability to draw in the reader as if they were actually there.

A young bastard son who has been outcast by his tribe and family begins a journey of experience and understanding from finding love and loosing it within a heartbeat, to using his remarkable fighting skills to receive riches and glory in the gladitorial arena in a quest to seek revenge which may or may not lead to his mind being at rest.

Gemmell's ability to create a bucket load of chararcters, all having there own unique characteristics makes for brilliant reading.

Submitted by TJ 
(Nov 07, 2005)

A follow up to sword in the storm. Bane, the bastard son of Connavar, leaves his village in search of destiny. He eventually ends up being a celebrated gladiator in Gemmell's version of Rome. Eventually he makes peace with his father and grandmother.
The book is well written, but the story is not as good as first book in this series. However Gemmell can still create great characters who conjure up strong emotions.
Not bad overall!

Submitted by Jan Doets 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Midnight Falcon is the sequel to 'Sword in the Storm', and plays some 17 years after the first novel finished. Instead of focussing on Connavar, now the King, it follows the life of Bane. Bane is the bastard son of Connavar and his 1st real love.
You see Bane develop from young scoundrel to a ruthless hero, who very much resembles his father. Journey to the legendary city of Stone, see Jasaray up close and personal, and cherish the fact that Bane saves the day.

A wonderful book, well writen. After reading Sword in the Storm I couldnt wait to read this one. And it didnt let me down :-)

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