The Last Praetorian by Christopher Anderson

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Book Information  
AuthorChristopher Anderson
TitleThe Last Praetorian
SeriesThe Last Praetorian
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by P. Hardin 
(Jun 09, 2013)

Ok, you take The Last Roman Praetorian, toss in The God of Thunder (yes, Thor), Loki as well as a few others from Asgard. Mix in some Dragons, good and bad, a few pixies, elves and dwarves. Sprinkle with wizards and evil sorceress\'s and flavor with Naugrathur the Destructor for a \"hot\" spice and the Goddess Freya for a \"sweet\" spice and you have one heck of a novel with more sub-plots then you can shake a stubby wrist at (have to read the book for that one).
Now, let me say right up front if you are not into these types of fantasy books you will most likely not like this one. If you are or are on the border line at least try the free sample. If you have a Kindle and aren\'t using the free samples you are not taken advantage of a great resource and feature. I myself was on the border line. While I have read some similar books I am more of a sci-fi space type main-liner. It did take me two reads of the sample to decide to get this book but once I did I loved it. Now, let me validate that statement just a touch.
I have seen in reviews of other books where one describes a book as an easy read or a hard read. This is sometime referenced on the \"grade\" level of writing, or thinness of plot or characters development. And hard reads can be toward grammatical / editing errors as well as just plain dry or boring. I mainly look at it on the basis of is it a \"good\" read. For those that go on the easy/good, this book falls into the \"hard\" read group, HOWEVER, I mean that as a good point as it was a very \"good\" read for me. It is long, a 671k file (such as this review seems to be going, kinda blew by the 300 word thing,oops). I am not sure how many pages that is, a recent book I read was listed with a file size of 491k at 291 printed pages, another one at 400k and approximately 120,00 words, as examples.
And of course this is from my view, it was most definitely not boring or dry. Quite the opposite, it was incredibly descriptive and not with frivolous (yes, I have a dictionary), or excessive points. Everything seem to need to be there, it added, enhanced, flavored. To borrow a bit from the movie City of Angels, when Seth and Maggie are in the library and Seth mentions how much he likes the author (Hemingway) because he always describes how something tastes or smells, that is how Mr. Anderson (hhmm, Matrix?) does it as well. You can taste the ale, smell the cooking dragon (yum) or hear the crackle of the fire. It just carried me on from page to page. I always wanted more but this book I had to pace, it was as though I could only take so much at a time and had to pause a bit to let it absorb in. I consider myself a very good reader, I can kill a average sci-fi book in a day if it grabs me and I am left alone (read wife, yeah-yeah, sorry, love her -moving on, see my review of Baby I Love You). I guess I was not use to such a descriptively good book. And when I did get to the end I was ticked off because (yes, sort of spoiler but not really), it was a cliff-hanger. I am happy to say that according to Christopher\'s blog page (sorry, had to go to first name to keep The Matrix off my mind), the 2nd AND 3rd books are in editing and soon to be out this year. Delayed only due to getting out some of his other books. Very much looking forward to both.
So, to sum up (like you are getting away from me that easily), loved the book, everything I mention I meant in a POSITIVE way, this is just the way it felt to me, you may very well find it different. And I hope you don\'t mind my \"type\" of reviews. I tend to lean toward giving the essence of a book, not as much a description of the story. The one here on Amazon\'s page does it good enough in a nutshell. I have seen others that were lacking and that is where that free sample comes in very handy.
And speaking of his other books, if you are into sci-fi space books, please checkout his Alexander Galaxus series, I need to do a novel, er, a review, yeah, that\'s it, on that series yet as well but try the free sample and if you get the book, look for the version of the book that has all of the 1st three in one book. Better buy but pretty much no indexing if you like to jump to sections for re-reading like I do a lot of, or hit the singles. At any rate, condensed review - EXCELLENT series as well. Thanks for hanging in there with me, hope you survived the coma, ah, my review ok. See you on the Dark side of the Moon.
Alexander Galaxus: The Ascension War Trilogy

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