Alexander, Exile by Christopher Anderson

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Book Information  
AuthorChristopher Anderson
TitleAlexander, Exile
SeriesAlexander Galaxus
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by JP Patton 
(Jun 09, 2013)

A great escape into a new world. Exactly what fiction should be! Heroes,

This series continues to improve. Please read the first Alexander Trilogy before this book. You will enjoy the characters and story as they both develop. I was unable to put down the last to books. The new world created for the story line draws from our development as a species; our conflicts and how we SHOULD be dealing with them.

Alexander is an example of what we should be striving to become. Honor, chivalry, and strong faith are alive and well within the Overload and his cohorts. Stand up and be counted. If you have never experienced a man worth befriending, search for your Alexander.

The author is refreshing in his combination of military, history and the strong ideals of the conflict between leeches and the Champions we need who fight them. We have someone willing to speak to those of us who agree that the world is just too PC.

My only regret with this series: waiting for the next book.

For those less versed in history: the title of this review is from Julius Caesar\'s report of victory in 47 B.C. over Pharnaces, king of Pontus. A counterpoint to the quotes the author uses from great men in history.

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