The Anguished Dawn by James P. Hogan

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Book Information  
AuthorJames P. Hogan
TitleThe Anguished Dawn
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Zathura 
(Sep 02, 2011)

The Anguished Dawn follows a human colony around Saturn (Kronia) as they attempt to recover from Earth's destruction by a proto-planet ejected from Jupiter called Athena. A mission is sent to Earth two years after the catastrophe to establish a base of operations in an attempt to jump-start human civilization using the advanced technology saved by the Kronians in the hope that the former values of money, power, and greed will be replaced by the Kronian values of self-worth and usefulness. They are faced with heavy opposition however as the Pragmatist Party (Earth-raised survivors) initiate a plan to take control of the new Earth base and set themselves up as the new terran government, ruled by force. Cut off from Kronian support, Landon Keene and his friends must find a way to regain their independence.

James P. Hogan brings this story to life with detailed descriptions of theoretical technologies and their uses, as well as a new philosophical view of the history of the Earth, turning conventional wisdom on it's head. From the spaceships and living conditions of the Kronians, to the state of the Earth after a calamity one-thousand times worse than nuclear armageddon, the reality of it all jumps out of the pages into the mind with superb writing that never loses the reader's attention. The descriptions of the Earth-bound survivors is especially disturbing, seeing how far the human race could fall in two short years, when plant-life is only beginning to resurface, and living animals bear no resemblance to the forms that walked the earth as we know it. Do yourself a favor and pick this up at your local bookstore. James P. Hogan does not disappoint.

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