War of the Flowers, The by Tad Williams

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Book Information  
AuthorTad Williams
TitleWar of the Flowers, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by sm 
(May 01, 2005)

The War of the Flowers was the first book I've read after a long abstinence from science fiction and fantasy novels, but boyo, it got me hooked once again.

First of all, since Tad Williams is often compared to Tolkien: I didn't love the LOTR, I admit it, so what? I liked it yes, but didn't love it, The War of the Flowers on the other hand is my true love!

The storyline draws you in from the very beginning, the pace is just so perfect it's hard to put in words, there are simply no boring scenes/chapters. It's rather the case, that the reading just takes way to long sometimes, 'cause you're so curious about what's going to happen next, but still don't wanna skip anything - it just gets better with every page.

The main caracters are so well described and handled you'll laugh and cry with and for them, you'll fear for their lives every single page, 'cause everythings possible and everything happens, just not the way you though.

When you hit the last couple of chapters there's even a fear the end might not live up to what you hoped for, but boyo, it definitly does and way more.

I picked this book 'cause it was not a story divided in endless books, but put in one, right now I wish there would be a sequel 'cause I'll miss the friends I've found in this novel.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Mar 08, 2004)

Many reviews that I've read have compared this book to Emma Bull's engrossing War for the Oaks. Aside from the main characters of the two books sharing the same profession, I find these two books to be very different.

WotF is gritty, realistic, and humorous at the same time. There is a twist that will suprise you at the end, but in a good way. I highly recommend this read!

Submitted by Steve Tubb 
(Oct 19, 2003)

I like to think i am a bit of a choosy reader, and if a book doesn't hold my interest within the first chapter it gets put back on the bookcase. I can safely say that "The War of the Flowers" did not get put on the Book case until i finished it tonight.
This is the first i have read of Tad Williams and it will not be the last.
The story revolves around a rock musician (Theo Vilmos) in his thirties, who is in a failing relationship and unsure which direction his life is going. Then after the miscarriage of his unborn child, the breakup of his relationship and the death of his mother, he rapidly gets drawn into a world of shadow beasts, fairies, other-world portals, goblins, ogres and many other strange and wonderful creatures, which are all ruled over by the "Flower Lords" of the 6 ruling famillies. As the story unfolds we find Theo getting drawn into a power struggle having to move around with his small fairy companion (Applecore). while being hunted down by a shadow beast that posesses dead rotting bodies, all the time meeting and befriending new creatures which will hinder or help his progress to finding out why he was pulled into Fearie world in the first place. All of this crescendos into a thrilling end leaving Theo with choices to make as to whether his life is to remain in Faerie or back in the mortal world.
In sumary, this book is a must for anyone who has even the smallest liking for the realm of Goblins, Ogres and Fairies.

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