Alanna: the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

  (146 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTamora Pierce
TitleAlanna: the First Adventure
SeriesSong of the Lioness Quartet
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Reanna 
(Jul 16, 2005)

This novel is one of the most enjoyable ones that I have read! Alannas ability to succed in her ambition to become a female knight, takes you on a journey that will inspire you to take your own challenges that may seem just as impossible. This novel is just the first of a truly exhilarating quadret. Iím currently on my 4th time reading the series and I recomend is to any reader, boy or girl!

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 10, 2005)

I absolutely love this book! I heard about the books from 2 of my friends. Both of my friends read a lot and know a good book. I couldn't find anything interesting in the library and I grabbed it off the shelf. I started reading and it pulls you in. I finished reading the Song of the Lioness books, The Immortals books, the Protector of the Small books, Trickster's Choice, and Trickster's Queen. I read all of these books because this one was so good. When I returned to the library to check out In The Hands Of The Goddess, it was already checked out. I was really freaked out! I wanted that book. I wanted to find out what happened to the strong, brave heroine. She struggled mentally and physically to keep her identity a secret and match the ability of the boys. She was deceiving her friends, family,teachers, king, queen, prince, and country. Alanna is an amazing charater that is my favorite of all the charaters with her blazing red hair, purple eyes, and hot temper. Check out this book!

Submitted by Lea 
(Jun 14, 2005)

If you are looking for a book that will help you rise to full potential this is the one for you. It makes you feel free of the burdens your everyday life ties you down with. So for any parent looking for a birthday present for you son or daugther this is one to get, especially for all the lionesses out there.

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