A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

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Book Information  
AuthorGeorge R.R. Martin
TitleA Storm of Swords
SeriesA Song of Ice and Fire
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by noodles 
(Oct 14, 2006)

AMAZING is a word that sums up this entire series and this book is no exception. Martin displays an ability to relieve you of the need for a social life as when you begin this book you will read until you finish. It is that good, no doubt about it one of the best fantasies on the shelves to day. If sex, bad language, and violence then this series may not be for you though you will miss out on one of the best series that is in the english language.

Submitted by Spike 
(Oct 05, 2005)

Great expectations can usually ruin a "good" book, movie or even a video game. But not this one...
I started reading the series from book three, "A Storm of Swords" which i also think is the best one yet, even by a small margin.
If the first book chronicles a family's downfall, the second depicting an all out war, then the third book is about vengeance and treachery. Resembling the Greek tragedy theme of Yvris-Tishis-Nemesis with Machiavelian elements, this book takes the series into new heights delivering everything that makes the fantasy genre so great.
Every POV chapter is a saga on its own that changes, evolves, grows. This "movement" is what makes Martin's characters the best out there.
How can a disgusting character with moral issues, become one of the most fun to read and likeable protagonists? By getting to see his POV, and find that underneath the rotten shell there is true gold.
But as great this book is, i know its not for everyone. Its dark and moody featuring underage sex, heavy language, macabre scenes and multiple deaths.
I feel sorry for those who will pass on reading it, because having read most of the popular authors out there, this RR is on a league on its own.

Submitted by Andrew Porunov 
(Aug 29, 2005)

This is by far the best book i ever read! It's amazing!!! Every character is wonderfully complex, there are absolutely no cliches in this book. U wont find any elves or orcs here. George Martin's world is based on cold and brutal reality where anyone can die.(yes, even the good guys.) Actually, there are no "good" guys or "bad" guys guys here. Every character has his own flaws and characteristics. Also, the plot is astonishingly complex and is made up of dozens of smaller ones that come together seamlessly to make up one amazing and epic story. Buy it now!!!

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