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William Alan Rieser

- Genre Difficulties
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Short Stories
- Token of Esteem
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Book Excerpts
- The Kaska Trilogy - Gam
- The Kaska Trilogy - Pmat
- The Kaska Trilogy - Kesht
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - Pathandu
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - The Find
- Luna Parabella
- Furnace

The Kaska Trilogy - Pmat (Book Excerpt)
         by William Alan Rieser
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Takuna, in his prison cell, was tightly clamped between two hard stones that accessed his cleavage points. The vise was designed to impact the points with pressure should he struggle with too great an energy. He knew, of course, that Torinu desired his end so that he could examine his casks without having to listen to his voice or heretical opinions. It would be the height of stupidity for Takuna to allow this to occur. Rather, he delved his casks and searched for an old formula to give him an edge. It was a matter of slippage. He simply needed to manufacture an arcane grease that was once used to treat cleavage wounds in the days of the Paligon confrontation.

Sure enough, buried deep in a little used part of his oldest cask, the grease formula was waiting. Life is knowledge. Experience is wisdom. Preserve them. But life was more than mere knowledge, thought Takuna. In fact, it was a good deal more, though the Corim would never admit it. Neither would they admit that fresh experience was often not wisdom. It could also be foolishness, death and a hundred other undesirable things. Why should these be preserved except as lessons to avoid? Will they erect a memorial stone to commemorate Torinu's decisions that brought about the demise of the Pellin community? Hardly. They are deluded and trapped in the unfinished rambling thoughts of others.

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