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William Alan Rieser

- Genre Difficulties
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- An Appreciation of Tolkien
- On the Eerie Uncertainty of AI
- On the Effrontery of Wonder Women
- On the Brevity of Behemoths
- On The Infinite Endurance of Some Bogeymen
- On the Need for Effective Fantasy
- On the Insufferability of Druidom
- Viewing the Icons
- That's the Way It Used To Be

Short Stories
- Token of Esteem
- Modal Sojourn

Book Excerpts
- The Kaska Trilogy - Gam
- The Kaska Trilogy - Pmat
- The Kaska Trilogy - Kesht
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - Pathandu
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - The Find
- Luna Parabella
- Furnace

The Chronicles of Zusalem - Pathandu (Book Excerpt)
         by William Alan Rieser
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"We had better record this. No one will believe it." Trevor commenced filming at that point while Dorza satisfied himself with rough sketches. By nightfall of that momentous day, the sphinxes were equivalent. There was no way to adequately explain how the traditional sphinx had amassed material to equal the bulk of the other, but in some arcane manner it was so. With the loss of the sun, the tremors ceased. It was not until several hours later, when the full moon appeared to settle above the great pyramid, that Trevor noticed movement from the statues. What he had supposed were

carved stones of human beings being chewed by horrible fangs turned out to be an illusion. They were the multiple extensions of thick, dark tongues, capable of assuming any shape. The outer stone flaked off revealing a throbbing, pulsing mass of flesh beneath. The bodies were not those of lions as long thought. They were griffins with taloned appendages. As the mouths salivated in the night, the sphinxes emitted a howl of rage and horror not heard on earth for more than 10,000 years. Amidst their gutturals, humans within a hundred feet of the beasts began to burn and crumble to ash.

At Pathandu, when Lob Tan correctly interpreted this sign, he recognized the purpose of Chronus' new front. It was a diversion, meant to distract him away from the other chambers by making him concerned for an all out attack on the chamber of Zeus. Accordingly, though Chronus filled his void with more innocent victims, Lob Tan ignored it.

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