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Sacred Honor (Book Synopsis)
         by Lillian Cauldwell
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In 1776, Benjamin Thompson, a Loyalist spy, makes a deal with Lord Germain that he would time travel to the future, steal the original Declaration of Independence, go back to 1774 and sell the Declaration to him.

In 2276, Huey T. Stone wants to destroy the Declaration and replace it with his own brand of history.

Neither Benjamin Thompson nor Huey Stone are aware that there are three people determined to stop them. Mbakondja, an underground militant, disagrees with Huey's grand vision of a new America. Don Honeyman, a double spy and descendant of John Honeyman, switches alliances when he learns the truth about Lizzie Freeman. Lizzie Freeman, a British double agent in 1776 and 2276, wants to eliminate Huey Stone from office and take over his job as Royal Governor of the Commonwealth of the United City States.

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