William Alan Rieser

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Born in NYC, William Alan Rieser ha been active in varied professions and avocations. Music was the first arena of creativity where he spent 20 years a performer, composer, conductor and teacher. A shift into the world of high technology brought him a mastery of electronics, computer design, manufacturing and college instruction. Throughout, he filled his time with professional umpiring and chess tournaments.

In 1996, a long held dream was realized when he began devoting his full creative energies to writing fiction. In order to gain entry to the professional writing world, Mr. Rieser wrote numerous short stories and poetry. Awards and publication in magazines followed.

Novels, however, remain his full focus with 6 completed (3 published, 3 ready for the publisher) and many more formulating in his mind. The Kaska Trilogy has been released and is available at online booksellers and bookstores. The three titles are Gam, Pmat and Kesht.


William Alan Rieser Interview

We have talked to William about his Kaska Trilogy, his inspiration as well as his future plans.