Ruth McIntyre-Williams

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To begin, I am of Scottish/Irish Celtic heritage. The probably explains why my fantasy novel, Clovenstone, has a strong Celtic flavor. It's in the blood.

I was a teacher of art and of English literature for many years. This training and experience gave me many skills I utilized in creating Clovenstone. Leaving teaching, I became a National Park Ranger in 1987. I gave talks on mountaintops and did other traditional ranger jobs, but the main thrust of my work was computer desktop publishing, which was just budding at that time. When the World Wide Web came into being, I moved into web page design, also. In 1998 I left park work to free lance web design, write, and travel.

I believe in never passing up a new experience, and that adventure is the spice of life. So! As an instructor in outdoor adventure, I have climbed mountains, wriggled through wild caves, survived in snow shelters, canoed fast rivers. I once owned a ski shop to learn what the business world was like. My husband and I built a house together, and we learned to fly our own airplane. Travel opens windows on the world, and we travel at every opportunity. From these adventures I can draw virtual landscapes and lively episodes to enhance my writing.

I now live in Florida where the sun always shines, the grass is always green, and the alligators are above average.

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Clovenstone tells the story of a broken land, the prophecies that may foretell the reforming of a once proud and powerful nation, and the people who hope to bring the land together through these prophecies.

Ruth McIntyre-Williams Interview

Ruth McIntyre-Williams has talked to us about her first book Clovenstone as well sa her upcoming projects.