Peter Bird

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Peter Bird was born in NSW, Australia, in 1962. He holds degrees in the Arts, Education and Librarianship. He is happily married to his wife, Wendy, and they live on the South Coast of NSW with two cats and ten thousand gnomes.

The White of a Cow's Eye is an incredible work of fiction. It is at times horrifyingly graphic and at other times it will make you laugh at things you'd never thought you'd laugh at. It's about a writer who, one day, lands a job in an abattoir. He discovers that, as time progresses, his writing begins to get gorier in line with the work that he does. And so he begins work on a novel. But just as he is nearing its completion, he is sacked. The dilemma is; he cannot finish the book unless he is immersed in gore. His attention turns toward those who sacked him and made his life hell in the abattoir.

Cone of power
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White of a Cow's Eye