Borislav Belovarski

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Borislav Belovarski, born in 1961in Sofia, Bulgaria, grows up in Russia and later finishes Art school in Bulgaria. In 1979 he becomes a science-fiction writer and scriptwriter. His first novel, "The Very Dead Artisans of Happiness" (1980) treats the problems of an International Space Station (back then pure fantasy), genetic reorientation (his early idea for human cloning) and a Last World War. The novel's fable compiles our human striving for survival and cosmic existence both interwoven with the problems of our earthly being and our universal co-existence with the "someones". The manuscript is illustrated by the young author and given to colleagues for proofreading. He is advised not to publish it for ideological reasons. Later, in 1985 it is confiscated as an "attempt for samizdat" (unauthorized self-publishing). Accusations follow implying pro-Western influence, slogans for Globalism and shrouded persuasion for anti-Communism. Constrained to emigrate, Belovarski now lives with his family in New Mexico, USA. He works as a free-lance science-fiction writer and scriptwriter, developing his ideas for a TV series, entitled "Timeship". In 1999 the author defends his doctoral thesis in the field of Ufology and Bibleistics, at the American College of Metaphysics (research of Erich von Deniken's Theory for Paleocontact). The name of Doctor Borislav Belovarski is engraved on a CD, which in 2001 will fly to Mars (certificate of NASA No.164499). On January 2, 2000 his personal message was launched on its 1000 year journey into time with the Millennium Timeship Capsule (Cochrane Research, No.3081359). It addresses the survivors of the Future, but we can read it now, in his Timeship Trilogy.

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