Kevin Anderson

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The Stellar Guild
Tau Ceti  
The Saga of Seven Suns
Horizon Storms  
Forest of Stars(1 reviews)  
Hidden Empire(6 reviews)  
The Last Days of Krypton  
Captain Nemo  
Clockwork Angels  
The Martian War  
Official reviews

The Martian War

Mark reviews Kevin J. Anderson's version of HG Wells' ,i>War of the Worlds.

Clockwork Angels

Mark reviews a collaboration between an author and a musician.

Tau Ceti

Mark reviews the first in a new SF series reminiscent of the old Ace Doubles.

Captain Nemo

Mark reviews the reissue of Kevin Anderson's Captain Nemo.

Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

Mark interviewed the phenomenally busy Kevin J. Anderson, author of Captain Nemo and many other novels.