Alastair Reynolds

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Poseidon's Children
Blue Remembered Earth  
Universe of Revelation Space
Chasm City(1 reviews)  
Absolution Gap(1 reviews)  
Revelation Space(2 reviews)  
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days  
Pushing Ice(2 reviews)  
Redemption Ark  
The Prefect  
House of Suns  
Terminal World  
Official reviews

Blue Remembered Earth

Mark reviews an eagerly awaited novel by Alistair, the first of a new series.

Terminal World

Reynolds brings the focus on one planet rather than a galaxy, but the story is just as good. Rob reviews Terminal World.

House of Suns

Alastair Reynolds proves why he is one of the leading writers of Science Fiction with this spectacular Space Opera spanning thousands upon thousands of years.

The Prefect

Alastair Reynolds's latest is a space detective novel of considerable quality.

Interview with Alastair Reynolds

Patrick has talked to Alastair Reynolds.