Richard Morgan

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Land Fit for Heroes
The Cold Commands  
The Dark Defiles  
Takeshi Kovacs
Woken Furies  
Takeshi Kovacs
Broken Angels  
Altered Carbon(2 reviews)  
Market Forces(1 reviews)  
Black Man/Thirteen  
The Steel Remains  
2007-07-21  Richard K. Morgan to Tour West Coast, U.S.
Official reviews

The Steel Remains

Rob takes a look at Richard Morgan's first foray into Fantasy and has high hopes.

The Steel Remains

In an early glimpse of an eagerly awaited novel, Hobbit reviews Richard K. Morgan's first foray into Fantasy: The Steel Remains

Black Man/Thirteen

In addition to Rob Bedford's comments about Black Man, Hobbit added some thoughts of his own.

Black Man/Thirteen

Richard Morgan is one of the crop of newish SF voices from the UK. With a PKD award under his belt for his debut novel, his latest is likely to be his biggeest. Rob reviews Black Man.

Altered Carbon

Mind-numbing. Big Ideas. Suspense. These are only three things that begin to describe Richard K. Morganís debut novel, Altered Carbon

Interview with Richard Morgan

Patrick and some of his online cohorts, including SFFWorld's own Rob Bedford conducted this interview with Richard Morgan, author of the forthcoming Black Man. In this interview, Morgan discusses his new cutting edge/controversial novel.