George R.R. Martin

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George R.R. Martin was born September 20, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He started writing very young, he actually sold stories to neigborhood children. In 1970 he made his first professional sale when he sold "The Hero" to Galaxy, but it wasn't before 1979 that he became a full time writer. George R.R. Martin is educated in journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois, and he is currently living in Santa Fe.

Wild Cards
Wild Cards(1 reviews)  
Aces High  
Jokers Wild  
A Song of Ice and Fire(82 reviews)
A Game of Thrones(15 reviews)  
A Clash of Kings(4 reviews)  
A Storm of Swords(24 reviews)  
A Feast for Crows(4 reviews)  
A Dance with Dragons  
A Dance with Dragons  
Dreamsongs, Volume II  
Dreamsongs, Volume I  
The Ice Dragon  
Songs of the Dying Earth  
The way of cross and dragon  
Songs of Stars and Shadows  
Fevre Dream(1 reviews)  
Dying of the Light  
A Song for Lya(1 reviews)  
Armageddon Rag  
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Fevre Dream

Rob dips into the waters with Martin's classic Vampire tale.

Armageddon Rag

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Fevre Dream

Mark reviews George RR Martin's Fevre Dream: is it worth the read?

Songs of the Dying Earth

A star-studded cast of writers pays tribute to Jack Vance with this collection of stories set in the Dying Earth.


Mr. Martin dons his Editor cap and pairs up with legendary editor Dozois for this packed and impressive anthology, including a new story set in the popular A Song of Ice and Fire setting.

The Ice Dragon

First published in 1980 and now in an illustrated hardcover edition, this children's novella from the author of the acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire tells the story of a young girl and a dragon made of ice.

The Wild Cards interview - GRRM and co

A monster of an interview by Patrick.

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Interview with George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin is one of todays most recognised authors in the fantasy genre.