Patrick Rothfuss

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The Kingkiller Chronicle(1 reviews)
The Wise Man's Fear  
The Name of the Wind(4 reviews)  
Official reviews

The Wise Man's Fear

Mark reviews Rothfuss's second novel. Did he like it?

The Wise Man's Fear

Does one of the most anticipated fantasy novels of 2011 live up to the promise of its predecessor and hype?

The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind launches a fantasy saga, and what could be a stellar writing career for Patrick Rothfuss. Rob braces the galeforce wind that is Rothfuss's debut novel.

Interview with Patrick Rothfuss

Chris has talked to Patrick Rothfuss.

Interview with Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss is set to burst onto the fantasy scene with his debut novel, The Name of the Wind.. Mr. Rothfuss was kind enough to spend some time corresponding via e-mail with Pat and Rob.