David Eddings

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David Eddings was born July 7 1931 in Spokane, Washington. He grew up just north of Seattle, but is currently living in New York with his wife Leigh. He has held many different jobs, grocery clerk, worked as a buyer for Boeing, University teacher and he served in the US army between 54 and 56. As a writer he is known as one of the greatest Fantasy authors there is, and not without reason I might add.

The Dreamers(10 reviews)
The Younger Gods  
The Crystal Gorge  
The Treasured One  
Elder Gods(1 reviews)  
Tamuli, The(5 reviews)
Domes of Fire  
Shining Ones, The  
Hidden City, The(2 reviews)  
Malloreon, The(6 reviews)
Guardians of the West(2 reviews)  
King of the Murgos(1 reviews)  
Demon Lord of Karanda(2 reviews)  
Sorceress of Darshiva  
Seeress of Kell(4 reviews)  
Ellenium(20 reviews)
The Diamond Throne(3 reviews)  
Ruby Knight(1 reviews)  
The Sapphire Rose(4 reviews)  
Dreamers, The(16 reviews)
the treasured one  
crystal gorge  
Elder Gods, The(15 reviews)  
The Treasured One(4 reviews)  
The Treasured One  
Crystal Gorge(2 reviews)  
The Younger Gods(1 reviews)  
the younger gods(2 reviews)  
Belgariad(63 reviews)
Pawn of Prophecy(32 reviews)  
Queen of Sorcery(4 reviews)  
Magicians Gambit  
Magician's Gambit(3 reviews)  
Castle of Wizardry(3 reviews)  
Enchanter's End Game(6 reviews)  
High Hunt  
Losers(4 reviews)  
Reginas Song(5 reviews)  
Rivan Codex, The(2 reviews)  
Rdemption of Althalus, The(83 reviews)  
Belgarath the Sorceror(15 reviews)  
Polgara the Sorceress(11 reviews)  

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