D.P. Matlock

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D.P. Matlock lives in Los Angeles, California. He is currently at work on the second of the Queen Mildred novels entitled Mildred and Thalia. The novel is also the second in the Lorn series. Visit the website at for further information.

Very little is known about N. Pokan, the narrator of the Lorn tales. He appears to be or to have been (his present whereabouts being unknown) an amateur beekeeper and horticulture enthusiast. His study is filled with Lorn related writings, which, at present, various scholars and interested parties are in the process of cataloguing. Fragments of an autobiography have been found among various jars of honeycomb, but, as of present, no one has been able to assemble a sensible version of Mr. Pokanís life.

Mildred and the Mums