Micah M.A. Goff

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Micah Goff, born in Berkeley, California, spent his early years attending a non-English-speaking pre-school in Ramstein, Germany, remedied by distributing his school years evenly in the North, South, East and West of the U.S. He attended college in northern Arizona and Virginia and has traveled extensively. He passes the evenings as head tempura chef at a Japanese restaurant, and writes poetry, science fiction and fantasy fiction in the wee hours. He has hiked the length of the Tonto Trail, as well as rim-to-rim-to-rim, in the Grand Canyon and long segments of the Appalachian Trail. He harbors a perverse interest in cosmology and general relativity, but is still mostly sane despite being the offspring of a doctor and a lawyer.

Counterspell: Guardian of the Ruins launches The Counterspell Chronicle, a father-son collaboration of epic fantasy that explores the implications of the use and abuse of hidden knowledge.

Counterspell Chronicle
Counterspell: Guardian of the Ruins