Robert Buettner

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Jason Wander
Orphanage(1 reviews)  
Orphan's Destiny  
Orphan's Journey  
Orphan's Alliance  
Orphan's Triumph(1 reviews)  

General comments about the authors work

Official reviews

Orphan's Triumph

Rob thinks Buettner brings the Jason Wander saga to a triumphant conclusion.

Orphan's Alliance

Rob joins Jason Wander as his adventure across the galaxy continues in what is emerging as one of the best Science Fiction series of the decade.

Orphan's Journey

Robert Buettner takes Jason Wander to new places in his excellent Military Science Fiction saga and Rob hitched a ride.

Orphan's Destiny

Jason Wander is stuck on the Jovian moon Ganymede after the events of Orphanage, Robert Buettner's impressive debut novel. Orphan's Destiny, Buettner’s second novel, picks up the events from that point and continues Jason's tale as he adjusts to his brief post-war life. The first wave of Slugs he and his regiment fought in Orphanage was only the first salvo in the Slug War.


Approximately 40 years in the future, Earth is being attacked, cities are being destroyed, and people are being drawn into the armed forces in hopes of defending our planet. ... It is with this premise Robert Buettner introduces the reader to the world of Orphanage and its protagonist, Jason Wander, hometown, the now destroyed Indianapolis.